AutoForks RT 2 Trial Download and Installation


AutoForks RT 2 Trial Installer Instructions

  • Unzip this downloaded file into a temporary directory.
  • Be sure that NeoTicker is not running.
  • Run the unzipped AutoForksRT2TrialSetup.exe installer file. The default settings should be used unless you have a clear understanding of why you should not use them.
  • After installation is complete, restart NeoTicker
  • From the NeoTicker Menu select > Group > Open Group. At the file prompt, open any one of the 3 groups with AutoForksRT2 in the file name.
  • When the AutoForks RT 2 indicators are loaded for the first time each NeoTicker session, a blue dialog window will appear which asks if you would like to Purchase a Subscription License, Activate a License, or do an AutoForks RT 2 Trial.
  • You may do an AutoForks RT 2 Trial for 30 days.



What does the AutoForks RT 2 installer do?

The AutoForks RT 2 installer:

  • Creates an AutoForksRT directory in the \NeoTicker\indicator directory. This directory contains the AutoForks RT 2 license file and User Guide. It also contains an uninstall executable.
  • Creates a group on the Windows Start Programs menu called AutoForksRT.
  • Installs two NeoTicker indicators: AutoForksRT and AutoForksRTVolForce.
  • Creates a NeoTicker Chart Group called AutoForksRT 2 Trial that contains 2 NeoTicker charts which have the two indicators noted above running.
  • Creates 3 NeoTicker Chart Template files for those prefering black, gray, and white chart backgrounds.


Need assistance in installing AutoForks RT 2?

If you need AutoForks RT 2 installation assistance, you may email or IM marketgeomtrics at mindspring dot com.

Need technical support for AutoForks RT 2?

MarketGeometrics provides NeoTicker Overview webinars but does not provide detailed technical support for NeoTicker. You can get NeoTicker technical support at the following link:

If you need AutoForks RT 2 technical support, you may email or IM marketgeomtrics at mindspring dot com.


Want to download a NeoTicker Trial?

Download a NeoTicker Trial at the link below.

NeoTicker Free Trial for AutoForks RT 2 Users


Want to purchase a discounted NeoTicker license along with your subscription to AutoForks RT 2?

You may purchase a subscription license with a MarketGeometrics discount when you subscribe also to AutoForks RT 2 at the link below.

NeoTicker Market Geometrics Discount Subscription Purchase